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Weathered.  Tired.  Authentic.  That's how vintage-style signs should look.  Not printed, not screened, not cookie cutter or mass-produced.  Your neighbor on the lake shouldn't have the same sign as you with just a different last name on it.
Big Horn creates one-off personalized pieces of art, often on re-purposed old wood.  Might be some barnwood, old fencing, or a produce crate.  We then add some great design, keying in on specific genres or time periods.  Finally, we skillfully apply paint to that wood creating a piece that looks like it was plucked off the side of barn after sitting for fifty years.  Our process isn't exact.  We don't know precisely how much weathering we'll end up with until the piece is done.  What we do know is that it appears authentic, even as that very paint is drying.

Our design is definitely influenced by life in the Western United States.  We love rodeos, wide open spaces bordered by mountains, and the honest and hard-working folks who live there.  Our favorite themes are western, hunting, fishing, skiing, petroliana, breweriana, automotive, rail, and aviation.  Maybe you have an idea you'd like to see to fruition?  Let us know.  We love custom requests.
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