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Trucks.  That Cummins hummin', the smell of diesel, gleaming chrome stacks rolling coal, the open road.  Hauling loads from point A to point B.  We get it.  We're truck people ourselves.  If a truck is your livelihood, it should make a statement.  Doesn't matter if it's a work pickup, plumbing van, or 18-wheeler.

There's plenty of bad lettering, marginal design, and awful pre-packaged graphics rolling around...don't contribute to graphical pollution! And please don't try to tell me those foil gold and black mailbox letters you bought at the local hardware store are bringing you any new business!  Trust us, even if you did manage to put 'em on straight, it's not helping.  More likely scenario?  Bad design and poor execution of your identity on your truck are driving potential clients away.  Stand out in a good way!
Big Horn loves working with business owners to develop an identity. 
FOCUS - Truck lettering is our business.  We serve Owner/Operators, small businesses, and tradespeople.  We don’t do neon or billboards, we don’t make architectural signage.  We do know trucks. Choose someone who knows a Volvo from a Freightliner and a daycab from a midroof.
FLEXIBILITY - Evenings and weekends at no premium.  Odds are, you use your truck to make a living.  That’s why you need the lettering in the first place.  Most of that making a living probably happens Monday thru Friday from 8 to 5.  We understand that.  We’re more than happy to schedule evenings and weekends, and we don’t jack the rates on you.
CONVENIENCE - We’re mobile.  We come to you and take care of your lettering needs on your site (Outdoor application subject to weather conditions).  No paying a driver to sit and wait at the sign company’s convenience, no fuel burned on getting your truck or multiple units to Billings to get them lettered, only to have to drive them back again.
EXPERTISE - Just about anyone can operate a computer and a vinyl cutter.  That doesn’t mean the results will look good or last.  There’s a whole lot of bad design on trucks out there.  Your lettering should reflect your values and work ethic.  It speaks volumes about your business to your current clientele and potential customers.  Choose an outfit that can competently design your business identity and then put it on the truck straight!
EXPERIENCE - We have over 20 years combined experience in the sign industry.
EFFICIENCY - Call us. Tell us what truck you have, what color it is, your business name and info, we’ll get quality proofs e-mailed out quickly along with pricing. Once artwork is approved, we can schedule completion at your convenience.
We look forward to working with you! Please feel free to call or e-mail with any questions.


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